Bulldog pups Feburary 2019

Born: 15th February 2019

******* 5 boys *********

Sire: Beaubull's Murphy's Law

Our home bred boy has sired his first litter

Bronze & Silver Bulldog Breed Council Health Tested

Putman score of "0"

Qualified for Crufts 2019 having won several 1st places at Champ Shows

Dam: Wembholt White Lillie @ Beaubull

Bronze & Silver Bulldog Breed Council Health Tested

Putman score of "0"


KC Names approved -

Beaubull's Fat's Domino (Buster) - available

Beaubull's Rag'n'Bone Man (Titch) - sold

Beaubull's Hugo I'm The Boss (Hugo) sold

Beaubull's I'm Bowie - Beau - sold

Beaubull's Ozzie I'm Rocking (Ozzie) - sold







    fx:     'fade',
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Beaubull's Murphy's Law GR.CH Nobozz Enter The Dragon Nobozz King of Hearts CH Nobozz Riddick CH Gemella Jensen
Nobozz We will Rock You
Angelbulls Calamity Jayne Nobozz The Rock
Mightypride Welcome Home
Wrinkadinx Camilla Amaray Rumour Has It Ocobo Flag Ship Mystyle 
Showbull Ask Me Nicely with Amaray
Wrinadink Blossom Hissing Hells Angel
Tuffntrusty Jasmin at Wrinkadink
Beaubull's Miss Ellie Mae Kingrock Alexandra Beetle Mellowmood King of the Day over Kingrock CH Kingrock Captain Cock (JW) Top Bulldog 2012 - Bulldog of the Year 2013 - Crufts BOB 2014
Mellowmood Too Hot
Kingrock Maisies Dotes Merriveen Red Pepper at Monchevalier
Belheddon Magpie at Kingrock
Beaubull's Queen Isabella Kingrock Taken as Red Merriveen Red Pepper at Monchevalier
Kingrock Tinkerbelle
Bullycar Queen Bee @ Redbandits Kingrock The Democrat
Bullycar Legend of Becks
Wembholt White Lillie @ Beaubull Dempsey Judas Testwood Tom (re-import) Terlingfair Remy IT CH Merengue Di by Albusciago (IMP ITA)
CH Terlingfair Cherry Pie (JW)
Testwood Welsh Lady CH Jumano Johnny Be Good (JW)
Macwatt Dream Legend at Testwood
Dempsey Absolutely Julie Indomitabull Red Albert at Newrock CH FIN CH Black Hope Brando
Merriveen That's Martha
Dempsey Lets Get It On Kello Red Ranger for Newrock
Emberez Nebrasks
Wembholt She's The One CH Ocobo Candy Man Can Ocobo Flag Ship Mystyle Ringblok McDonald Mystyle
Leighbeck Last Tango with Ocobo
CH Mystyle Eye Candy Ocobo CH Terlingfair Country Boy from Mystyle
Jubulani V.T Patdana Home
Wembholt Jubilee Girl Bildaw What Ever It Takes Mystyle (re-import) Ringblok McDonald Mystyle
Bildaw Lady EM
Whitehouse Sunset Girl Ivabully City Slicker Ocobo
Trutella Esmeralda

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