Redskinstaff's Wyanet - Elsie

Sire: Crossguns Simply Red

Dam: Kenmilquin Makah

Born 23rd May 2007 - now retired

Elsie is hereitary clear of L2-HGA & HC, and tested clear for PHPV

Elsie is a very beautiful deep red colour, having a white bib. She came into our lives when she was 6 months old, and settled in really well with Kelly, Dean and my 4 grand-children, and our beloved George (who sadly passed away this October (09), but the pair of them got on wonderfully.

Elsie is know in the family as the "body builder" as she has true man muscles and a beautiful "bully" head - and has delivered her first litter of puppies on the 19th October, 2009, please see Our Puppies section for more details

Elsie came from the Redskinstaffs Kennels, but sadly Jackie Jones had to give up breeding, but we are truely grateful to her for letting us have this wonderful girl, who has an excellent nature and is an excellent example of the breed. Her babies are looking very promising................

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