Porshas Pride - Jessie

Sire: Matthais Sterling

Dam: Midsummer Pure Chance

Born 6th January 2007 (RIP)

Jessie was clear of L2-HGA & HC, and tested clear for PHPV

Jessie was a beautiful black brindle & white girlie, who also liked her creature comforts and cuddles, again you will see this from the pictures in Jessie's gallery. Sadly Jessie's breeder didn't stay in contact with us and therefore did not have the pleasure of knowing what a lovely girl she was, and that she produced a lovely litter of puppies in August 2008, which we are very proud of, she was an excellent mum and her and Reggie's puppies are doing extremely well in their new homes. Please see details and pictures of these puppies under Our Puppies and Bred by Us

Jessie was a shy girl and loved nothing more than to cuddle up with our original staffie girl Phoebe, who also passed away at a ripe old age xxxx

Jessie & Reggie's daughter, Redbandits Reggies Girl (Diva) achieved her first CC and Best Opposite Sex at just 9 months old - see Diva's own page for more details, and is ranking 18th in the points system in Country, and this from just 4 shows...........

Jessie & Reggie's daughter, Redbandits Reggies Girl (Diva) has given birth to her first litter of puppies on the 24th April, sired by the very handsome Oberst Lukas - producing 7 (yes 7) very health, very handsome Sons - please see Redbandits Reggies Girl pages - pictures will be posted soon***

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