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Wickford Open Show 16.05.15. Bella's write from breed specialist judge Miss B Davies - Puppy (8-4abs) 2nd Bater's Beaubulls Miss Ellie Mae (f) r/w Another nice puppy. Good head properties with dark eyes. Nice tacked on shoulders. Good straight bone to neat feet.. Good topline. Nice tail placement, moved well.


Bella's write up from East of England Champ Show - JB 1 Bater's Beaubull's Miss Ellie Mae, r/w standard girl with good shoulder & rib, straight bone, tuck-up, free moving tail. Brick shaped head, large black nose with open nostrils, wide true sweep of jaw, good layback & expression. Moved well.


08.08.15. Bournemouth Champ Show - Beaubull's Miss Ellie-Mae - 3rd in Junior Bitch, very strong class of 8 - thank you to Breed Specialist, Chris Thomas (Kingrock Bulldogs) for thinking so highly of my girl and Crufts qualified again - very happy xxx


Newmarket Open Show 13.06.16. Bulldog P. 1st Bater's Beaubull's Miss Ellie Mae. 11 month old red bitch with a strong head, good mouth with a nice width of muzzle, good dentition, open nostrils, deep chest, short body, straight front, moved well both ways. BP, RBOB. Dawn Law.


11.07.15. Beaubull's Miss Ellie-Mae - East of England Champ show, Judge: Breed Specialist Mr Dave Tanner, awarded 1st in Junior Bitch, qualifying for Crufts again for 2016


02.07.15. Beaubull's Miss Ellie-Mae - Windsor Champ Show - 2nd in Junior Bitch under Breed Specialist Judge Rob Harris in a very strong class and Crufts qualified 2016 - WTG girlie


13.06.15. Beaubull's Miss Ellie Mae - Newmarket Open Show - 1st in Puppy, Best Puppy and Reserve Best of Breed


07.06.15. Beaubull's Miss Ellie Mae - Birmingham & Midlands Bulldog Champ Show - 4th in Puppy Bitch class


16.05.15. Beaubull's Miss Ellie Mae - Wickford & Basildon Open Show - 2nd in Puppy class


22.02.15. Beaubull's Miss Ellie Mae - South of England Bulldog Club Open show - 3rd in Minor Puppy Bitch

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