SBT Friends and Clubs:

Sarah Ventham and Steve Barker, Boldavier Kennels - we cannot thank Sarah & Steve enough for all their support since they allowed us to have our special boy Reggie - please visit there site for lots of interesting information and to see their wonderful dogs..........


Clare Patterson, Penshannel Staffordshire Bull Terriers - Clare allowed us to have the wonderful Rosie, and again has always been very supportive to us, she has very beautiful dogs, of course, she has Rosie's mum, and the very handsome Billy, Rosie's


Janne & Kjetil web site where you can find lots of information and see more pictures of Lukas & Diva at shows - we couldn't have found a better family for our wonderful Dive


East Anglian Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club link where you can find out loads of information about this wonderful breed, health issues, dog forums, showing and loads more

Bulldog Friends, Information Websites, and Clubs:

THE BULLDOG BREED COUNCIL- excellent site with lots of information in respect of this wonderful breed - well worth a visit


BULLDOG RESCUE & REHOMING TRUST - this is a fantastic group of people who are involved in the rescrue and rehoming of bulldogs, their are on FaceBook and they also have a auction site where they raise loads of money to cover medical bills and fostering placements for bulldogs that have come into rescrue through no fault of their own - they do an absolute fantastic job and we support them whenever we can xx please visit there site


Bulldog Club Incorporated - this is an excellent club and put on fantastic shows


Junior Bulldog Club - another great club to belong to and to attend their shows


The London Bulldog Society - again another great club to belong to and to attend their shows


Animal Health Trust - excellent site to visit with lots of information regarding testing breeds for specific health issues


The Kennel Club - has lots of interesting information about all breeds of dogs and breed specific clubs and shows