Welcome to Beaubull

All our dogs will now be under the Beaubull Kennel name, we were formerly Redbandits SBT

Redbandits was established in 2007, however we breed our first litter of staffordshire Bull Terriers in 1998, our foundation girl then was called Phoebe, and we kept back a puppy from that litter called Naz. Children and work committments took over for many years, but in 2007 we brought in 4 (yes FOUR) babies, namely Reggie, Jessie, Elsie and Rosie, as three of these four babies were RED this led to the name Redbandits ......

As we added two bulldogs to our Team in 2011, we felt a new kennel name would more express where we are moving to in the future hence the name Beaubull, meaning Beautiful Bull .........................

1st Reggie (Boldavier Russian Red) - RIP

He was the last in a litter of three, hadn't even made my mind up if I wanted a boy or a girl, just knew I wanted a "Red", made a call to a member of the South East Essex Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club, and she had one pup left, so arranged to go and see the "pup" at this stage I am sure I still didn't know if it was a boy or a girl - obviously it was love as first sight, and he was my "boy" right from the start - and we can't thank Sarah & Steve enough for letting us have this wonderful boy.................. life was certainly interesting and never dull with Reggie. Every one that met him fell in love with him, he litterally bowled you over in more ways than one................. he was my soul mate and is still very badly missed - Reggie sired many stunning babies and did quite well in the show ring bless him

2nd Jessie (Porshas Pride) - RIP

Again it seems we were meant to have the last pup in the litter, Jessie was the last pup available, and my daughter and grand-daughter fell in love with her, and so she also became one of the family, although as you will see from Jessie's gallery, she was not "red", she was a beautiful brindle and white .......... she was a very shy girl when we brought her home, and it took alot of encouragment to get her to engage with us, we feel this may have been due to lack of socialisation as a pup, but as her confidence improved her wonderful nature came through ................... sadly we lost contact with Jessie's breeder, and they will never known what a wonderful girl she had grown into, and what a wonderful mum she was to her babies .......... sadly we lost Jessie at a very tender age but hr beautiful babies are a credit to her and Reggie

3rd Elsie (Redskinstaff's Wyanet)

Elsie came in to our lives when she was six months old, she is a stunning red girl, and is foundly known in the family as the "body builder" she is a true "bully" looking staffie - Elsie lives with my daughter and my five grand-children, she joined George (Kelly's old gentleman staffie who sadly passed away October 2009 - George & Elsie loved each other very much .............. Elsie first litter was born 19th October 2009, sadly she never went on to have anymore beautiful red babies .....

Lastly Rosie (Penshennel Red Blossom) - RIP

What can we say about our little "titch", beautiful, beautiful red girl, although she was more know as the "Diva" of the family - nature to die for, loved the sox's off my son, and walked around holding on to his clothes, again Rosie was the last available pup in the litter, and we only got her by default, as Clare decided not to export her, and we can't say enough what a wonderful piece of luck that was, and so we brought home our beautiful girl. We kept the tradition going by giving her the name Rosie, as her mum, and nan have flower names, and the most beautiful rosie's are normally RED................. We are truely thankful to Clare for letting us have her................ she had some beautiful babies and was a brilliant mum - sadly August 2016 we lost our beloved girl and this truely broke our hearts she was such a special girl .....................

2011 - new beginnings with Bulldogs coming into our lives xxx

BBee (Bullycar Queen Bee @ Redbandits)

It has always been my dream to own a "bulldog" and sadly in 2011 when we lost our beloved Phoebe (at 14) and also our beloved Jessie (at just 3 years old) the hunt began - we as a family visited the Bullycar Kennels in Cardiff in Wales, and fell madly in love with a beautiful beautiful brindle girl - she was known in the litter as BB, which stood for big bitch as she was the biggest girlie in the litter and the name stuck, BB could stand for so many things - but Beautiful Bully is what she is - we love her madly - over the years she has given us so much, and is now a Great Great Grandmother - giving us 3 generation of Beaubull Babies, Hattie (daughter) Bella (grand-daughter) Murphy & JoJo (Great Great Grand-Children) - BBee has given me so many of my dreams ...

Ruby (Bullycar Ruby Queen @ Redbandits)

When we went to collect our Beautiful BBee, Steve's bully girl Stella had just had a litter, and once again we fell in love with another beautiful bully girl, and just had to have her, and so Ruby joined the gang not long after BBee - sadly Ruby will never become a mum as she collapsed with Pyometra at 11 months of age thankfully our vet saved her and she will always be the peter pan of the bunch and she is a massive Daddies Girl ............



We have grown in size over the years

with the addition of our home bred bulldogs, Hattie (2012) , her daughter, Bella (2014)

2019 - we have again grown in size with the addition of Murphy & Lillie's boys - Buster & Titch

2017 - we have again added to our Gang, with the arrival of Bella's first litter - we have kept our handsome Murphy, we hope to have some fun in the show ring with Murphy - fingers crossed

We also added in 2017 my dream white bulldog baby - Wembholt White Lillie - aka Lillie - she is a stunning girl

Our Staffordshire Bull Terriers have now all retired - although we now have our beautiful Roxy so watch this space there maybe more new members of the gang in coming years

All our dogs have their own page with pictures and our puppies that went on to new homes also have their own individual picture frame - we are proud to say we are still in contact with all the families that have had puppies from us

Hope you have enjoyed reading a bit of our history xxxxx